Managing health and to take weight off and keep it off is mostly an inside game that requires changing your health and weight blueprint.

Ken’s Top Tips to take it off and keep it off AND feel GREAT.

> Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
> Move your body daily in activities you enjoy.
> Chew Slowly – Eat slowly.
> Get a healthy restful sleep everyday.
> Enjoy regular daily short Alpha breaks.
> Plus avoid artificial sweeteners.

Taking Charge From The Inside Out – Create New Neural Pathways

Most people who are concerned about their weight already know what to do BUT don’t feel like doing it. You can use Mental Rehearsal with Mirror of The Mind and/or imagine and visualize yourself taking the actions that you know you need to do.
Imagine and/or visualize yourself STOPPING the behaviors that are contributing to the challenge.
Enjoy and do ALL of this each day for 30 consecutive days with Daily Dynamic Meditation!


I’m sure you can agree that self-confidence is a vitally important topic when you consider the extremely high levels of uncertainty so many people are feeling these days. Many of you are facing the need to re-invent your health, relationships and career – finances. There seems to be so much to learn.


I know because I am also re-inventing how I connect with my students and also how to offer high value courses online. Admittedly, at times it feels like a daunting mission with constant learning needed. So much so that I have felt frustrated and even thought a few times to throw the towel in.



How about you? Can you relate?



I am continually reminded that with the right training and tools, it’s easier as long as you have the confidence in yourself to be able to figure things out. I am so very appreciative of so many new training tools that are helping me immensely. I would like to do the same for you.

Confidence in oneself comes from experience, wisdom and especially from having evidence that you have indeed made progress and/or enjoyed some wins. It becomes a resource state that enables you to move through life with a higher degree of certainty and FLOW.


You create a resource state of hope, confidence and certainty by reliving with intense positive emotion a past moment of excellence and lock it in with a trigger such as your three fingers held together. You may remember (if you are an alumni) this tool that you learn in Silva Life System. I find having this sort of evidence of immense value. I can say to myself, if I did it before I can do it again! I will appreciate the opportunity to do the same for you.

I hope to see you in an Immersion soon. I would like to help you to sustain your motivation to grow, learn, optimize your health and thrive. The Silva Method Immersion Experience is packed with How To Do It Tools. Please come and join me and let’s grow together.


The founder of the Trust Your Intuition Academy, the lead instructor and Silva Method International Training Director and author of the Silva Mastery System, Ken Coscia explores the art and science of creating and/or manifesting the life of your design.

This was recorded during a Facebook live.

What does it take to gain intuitive insights and get what you want?

There is a saying that I learned many decades ago – “When you give it all up, you gat it all back.”
Examining and reflecting on this expression helps us to understand what it takes to master our co-creation and/or manifestation skills. It is really a lesson about the delicate balance between Surrender and Persistence.

We have come to understand that when we “try” too hard, we experience obsessive thoughts leading to anxiety which energetically speaking repels our desired outcome. And yet we know the value of persistent effort and doing whatever it takes to achieve our goal. Here in lies our challenge!

There comes a time when we need to release and surrender our intention to the universe or whatever your spiritual belief teaches you.

Watch the video and listen deeply and enjoy.