Perspective in Psychology is referred to as the Point Of Power.
We’ve all heard the expression – When you change your point of view, you change your life.

Ken Coscia explores how ultimately your perspective on the inevitable life events we all experience is the sole determinant of your results.

In Life S### Happens!

1. Life Event: Even the most fortunate of men and women experience an occasional setback. Some are within our control and some are not.

2. Interpretation – Value – Point of View: is the one thing you have absolute control over. It creates your….

3. Attitude: Pessimistic – give up or Optimistic- makes an effort – takes action

4. Results: the final outcome.

Have you ever thought that some people just seem to have an unfair advantage? 

People always ask me how I do it all, wondering how I am able to move courageously towards my dreams, and travel with my work worldwide for 46 years. Some of these same people often marvel at how I went from academic probation due to Ds at Boston University to graduating Cum Laude – (As) while I was also teaching Silva as a new instructor in Boston. They also wonder how I was able to help my Mom stop having asthma attacks and overcome Arthritis.

Some people chalk it up to good luck, good genes but really its something else… Its having the tools and skills to implement. 

Its the difference between knowing that you are on path, or just struggling to make it through. 
Its the difference between feeling stagnant and feeling deeply fulfilled and energized about your life. 

I have taught  for many years that  confidence comes from consistently living from and into our full potential. Its something that has given me the biggest shifts in my life. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would become the lead trainer and International Training Director for the Silva Method worldwide. I feel so blessed, honored and privileged to serve you in this capacity. 

Now is your time to take it to the next level. And I would like to help you do this.
I want to give you my unfair advantage so that you can have the same unfair advantage in your life. 

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