I’m sure you can agree that self-confidence is vitally important when you consider the extremely high levels of uncertainty so many people are feeling these days. So much is happening so fast. Many people are facing the need to re-invent your health, relationships and career – finances. There seems to be so much to learn.  
I know because I am also re-inventing how I connect with my students and also how to offer high value courses online. Admittedly, at times it feels like a daunting mission with constant learning needed. So much so that I have felt frustrated and even thinking to throw the towel in.
How about you? Can you relate?
I am continually reminded that with the right training and tools, it’s easier as long as you have the confidence in yourself to be able to figure things out. Fortunately I have and use the Silva tools to continue to believe that I can figure things out. I’d like to assist you to do the same. 

Confidence in oneself comes from experience, wisdom and especially from having evidence that you have indeed made progress and/or enjoyed some wins. It becomes a resource state that enables you to move through life with a higher degree of certainty and FLOW.


You create a resource state of hope, confidence and certainty by reliving with intense positive emotion a past moment of excellence and lock it in with a trigger such as your three fingers held together. You may remember this tool that you learn in Silva Life System.

You create a resource state of hope, confidence and certainty by reliving with intense positive emotion a past moment of excellence and lock it in with a trigger such as your three fingers held together. You may remember this tool that you learn in Silva Life System.
I hope to see you in an Immersion soon. I would like to help you to sustain your motivation to grow, learn, optimize your health and thrive. The Silva Method Immersion Experience is packed with How To Do It Tools. Please come and join me and let’s grow together.

Upon reading some of the latest research in Neuroscience and advanced Psychology about peak performance and some of the myths associated with so-called gifted people in PEAK by Anders Ericsson and Robert Poole.

I am fascinated by how their research findings reported so closely parallels what I have also observed in my work in the Silva training and developing intuition.  I want to pass on to you some ideas that can help you. 


The authors wrote, “Clearly the research shows that we are mistaken to assume that people who we often think are high achievers, the best in their field (in any field) are born that way.

We all know that practice makes perfect. Right?”


There are distinctions that separate the so-called gifted from the rest of us.

One such distinction is called Deliberate Practice or purposeful practice. 


“The research has shown that generally speaking, once a person attains a level of acceptable performance and is on auto-pilot, the additional years of practice don’t lead to improvement.”

This would explain how it is so common for people to reach a plateau and get stuck there. This could be in your health, the quality of your relationships, sales performance and even your golf game.

“The science shows that the most effective and most powerful type of practice in any field work is accomplished by harnessing the adaptability of the human body and brain to create, step by step, the ability to do things that were previously not possible.


It involves getting out of our comfort zone but do it in a focused way, with clear goals, a plan for reaching those goals, and a way to monitor your progress. And of course, have support to maintain your motivation.”


It has been my experience that with what Anders and Poole call deliberate – purposeful practice “Flow State”: a neurological phenomenon documented by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, distinguished professor of Psychology – Claremont Graduate University is the result.

It is the experience of the feeling that the “universe” has got your back. This is especially true when it comes to consciously awakening, trusting and applying intuition to create a more fulfilling life.

Have you ever struggled with trusting your intuition? 

Have you ever wished you had listened and trusted your intuition?

If your answer is yes, welcome to the club. I know for I have also had these struggles from time to time. It can be so tricky when it comes to something so subjective as intuition, gut feelings and/or inner wisdom. 


If you are building a business, in sales, working as a coach and or therapist or just want to feel more intimately connected with loved ones, you’ve come to recognize that things are not always as they appear to be.

So often we get impressions that go beyond logic and reasoning that prove to be insightful and make a world of difference in our effectiveness.


So many of you over the years have honored me with your attendance in my Silva Basic Lecture Series and now Silva Life & Intuition System where we go much deeper into this work.

Activating intuition with control and focus is an art form and skill that anyone can develop with the right training and practice. 


Recently, a coach/mentor client of mine who felt like she was stuck, was able to boost her sales from a few hundred a week to $1,100 in a week after only two weeks of applying these principles.

Another client after 4-5 weeks is now getting through his demanding schedule with greater ease and increasing quality time with the family.



1. First and foremost is using the skill to stay calm and focused even under pressure. You can sustain a calmer more relaxed state by making meditation a daily practice, taking a nature walk, enjoying some art, dance and/or music.

2. Intuition can be developed like any other skill. It takes time, patience and practice; so in order to sustain your motivation, you need to be clear about your purpose or big why you want to develop your intuition.

3. Logic, reasoning and critical thinking skills are the polar opposite of intuition. Being playing and making a game of your practice sessions will assure you more creative/intuitive expression.

The Silva Method now in our 52nd year continues to offer you a step by step proven approach to get into a “Flow State”.  And the “LIVE” 4 Day Immersion Experience of Life and Intuition System is proven to be the most powerful way to get into Flow.


I will start helping you from the moment you register to attend by helping you clearly define your goals. I will send you a simple questionnaire exercise that will help you clarify what you want.

Then you will have my undivided attention as I guide you step by step during the Immersion Experience and give you constant feedback as you begin to practice applying what you learn to promote better health, enrich a relationship, manage your weight, improve sales and/or athletic performance and more.  


You will also step out of your comfort zone in a fun way by playing games with your intuition and have the direct experience of having very accurate experiences with your intuition.

Most admit that they are blown away by these intuition games and the result is a giant shift into a much more hopeful, optimistic belief in yourself and your ability.


And it doesn’t stop at the completion of the Immersion. You will receive ongoing support with free video training, inspiration, motivation and a lifetime of free review privileges. Oh yeah, there is a small reviewer seat charge.


Most importantly, your satisfaction is guaranteed. All I ask is that you experience the entire 4 days from start to finish and then evaluate. If you do not agree that it’s one of the best investments in yourself that you’ve ever made, you upon completing the program can return the materials I gave you and request a refund.

So you can only gain from this! 


The upcoming Immersions in Farmington and Chicago are beginning to fill up.  This is your opportunity to get into flow now and stay there; so grab your seat while you can.

Registration in each location is limited to the first 24 to register; so act now and be sure to claim your seat. Convenient time payments can also be arranged with Barbara at 860 674-1009.


I hope you will join me and take a leap of faith in yourself and the power of this purposeful training with me.