The End Of The Year Reflection Exercise

Navigate The New Year With Grace And Ease And In FLOW
I received so many requests from people who couldn’t make the live Master class, so I recorded the master class from my phone.  It’s 51 minutes. You’ll notice that I was engaged on my laptop screen with the chat  and some of the participants videos. Please excuse my lack of eye contact with you.
I believe that you’ll find the exercises very helpful to clear and release the old worn out patterns. And create a life vision of hope and optimism for the New Year. Included at the end is a Dynamic Meditation exercise that will put it all together and bring your life vision alive within. 
The exercise was inspired to me by Jon Butcher of LifeBook through the work of Tim Ferris.
The end of the year marks a threshold and invites a pause for reflection. It’s a great time to take stock of the year behind and look ahead at the year to come.
As we approach 2020, I invite you to invest some present moment time to reflect and project.
If you’re a Silva Method Practitioner, I recommend you also do this at level and use Mirror of the Mind.
If you are not a Silva practitioner, I recommend you do this exercise in a quiet place. A meditative state is ideal with some creative visualization.
1. Reflect back on 2019
a. What were the lessons learned?
Seek their value; free of judgment. BE SELF-COMPASSIONATE.
Give yourself permission not to be perfect.
b. What talents and strengths did you develop and put to good use?
c. What gifts did you give and what gifts did you receive?
2. Project to a vision of 2020
a. How will you utilize the lessons learned in 2019?
b.  How will your growth experiences season your choices in this new year?
c. What gifts would you like to give and what gifts would you like to receive?
Go beyond Goal Setting!
3. What does your IDEAL – BEST SELF look like for 2020?
And how does it make you feel?
My guided meditation and mini-course FUTURE SELF is a powerful and fun exercise to help you create a vision of the future with hope and optimism. You’ll also access intuitive insights to know how to allow your best self to emerge. You can get yours here.
Another mini-course and guided meditation is Power Programming. It’s the ideal complement to enhance Mirror of the Mind.
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2 Strategies To Stay Mindful


If you’ve attended a Silva course with me, you’ve heard me say many times – Whatever you give attention to, you give energy to. Whatever you give energy to will grow and multiply.

Think about it. 

I believe that the greatest gift we can can give someone is our attention. Not just on holidays or special occasions BUT on a regular, consistent basis. If you give compassion, love or respect, it’s a blessing to the receiver and it comes back multiplied to you.

Who in your life could use some kind, loving attention?
What will it take to give it?

Do it and experience the joy both ways.


Creative Visualization To Improve The Quality Of Life – How To


How To Keep Intuitive Wisdom Flowing By Aligning With Your Values

Looking for more training on Intuition, check out Ken’s online course The Lost Sense: Intuition & You.

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Take Command Of Your Life And Navigate Life With Grace And Ease In Flow With Intuition

Taking Command Of Your Life so that you navigate Life with Grace and Ease requires the skill of Intuition.

We all have this natural ability. It is enhanced with deliberate practice. Then by journaling and reflecting on your experiences with intuition you begin to recognize patterns.

As you discern the difference between when you’re accurate and when you’re off, you get to a place of awareness. You know the difference that makes the difference.
You then gain competence which gives you the confidence to courageously apply even more intuition. You get into a Flow State whereby you make better, wiser decisions in all you do.

We do this all throughout the 4 days of the Silva Method Immersion Experience of Life & Intuition System.


6 Steps To Transform Toxic Feelings Into Healing And Balance

How do you manage the inevitable conflicts, upsets, disapointments, and setbacks that can become toxic feelings and suck the life out of you?

Explore with me in this video lesson the 6 Step process I teach in my Silva Method Mastery and the Immersion of Life & Intuition System.

The 6 Steps To Transform Toxic Feelings Into Healing Emotions

1. Acknowledge the current reality
2. Ask questions to make connections
3. Do the Inneer Work
4. Appreciate any and all progress
5. Congratulate yourself and Visualize Your Future Self
6. Release it and get on with your life


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Do you believe in good luck or Do you believe the Universe has got your back?

I used to believe in good luck but after decades of experience, I’ve come to realize that so-called good luck is actually a trainable skill. The same goes for coincidences.

 “Flow State”: a neurological phenomenon documented by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, distinguished professor of Psychology – Claremont Graduate University is the experience of the feeling that the “universe” has got your back.
This is especially true when it comes to consciously awakening, trusting and applying intuition to create a more fulfilling life.
Have you ever struggled with trusting your intuition? 
Have you ever wished you had listened to and trusted your intuition? 
If your answer is yes, welcome to the club. I know for I have also had these struggles from time to time. It can be so tricky when it comes to something so subjective as intuition, gut feelings and/or inner wisdom.  
If you are building a business, in sales, working as a coach and or therapist or just want to feel more intimately connected with loved ones, you’ve come to recognize that things are not always as they appear to be.
And so often we get impressions that go beyond logic and reasoning that prove to be insightful and make a world of difference in our effectiveness.
Over 200,000 people over the years have honored me with their attendance in my Silva Basic Lecture Series and now Silva Life & Intuition System where we go much deeper into this work.
Activating intuition with control and focus is an art form and skill that anyone can develop with the right training and practice. 
Recently, a coach/mentor client of mine who felt like she was stuck, was able to boost her sales from a few hundred per week to $1,100 per week after only two weeks of applying these principles.
Another client after 4-5 weeks is now getting through his demanding schedule with greater ease and increasing quality time with the family.

1. First and foremost is using the skill to stay calm and focused even under pressure. You can sustain a calmer more relaxed state by making meditation a daily practice, taking a nature walk, enjoying some art, dance and/or music.

2. Intuition can be developed like any other skill. It takes time, patience and practice; so in order to sustain your motivation, you need to be clear about your purpose or big why you want to develop your intuition.

3. Logic, reasoning and critical thinking skills are the polar opposite of intuition. Being playing and making a game of your practice sessions will assure you more creative/intuitive expression.

The Silva Method now in our 53rd year continues to offer you a step by step proven approach OF getting into a “Flow State”.  And the “LIVE” 4 Day Immersion Experience of Life and Intuition System is proven to be the most powerful way to get into Flow.
If you would like to take a small, fun step to further awaken and develop your intuition and get into FLOW, consider getting my online course The Lost Sense: INTUITION & YOU.
You will also step out of your comfort zone in a fun way by playing games with your intuition and have the direct experience of having very accurate experiences with your intuition.
Most admit that they are blown away by these intuition games and the result is a giant shift into a much more hopeful, optimistic belief in yourself and your ability.

Explore And Discover How The Silva Method Can Help You Transform Your Life

Explore Ken’s online offerings to get into FLOW.

Ken, Silva lead instructor, and International Training Director gives you TIPS to help you transform your life and get into FLOW. 





Explore And Discover How The Silva Method Can Help You Transform Your Life 
I’m sponsoring non other than Rajko Kuzmanovic, Silva director and instructor extraordinaire from Romania, to present Jose Silva’s ULTRA SEMINAR on Holistic Healing for Self and others. This is a must do graduate program that will build on the foundation of the core program.
Ken, Silva lead instructor, and International Training Director gives you TIPS to help you transform your life..
About Ken Coscia
Ken Coscia, the Silva Method’s Lead Instructor, and International Training Director, has facilitated transformation and worked with over 200,000 people in 27 nations for 48 years.
Ken is committed to The Silva Method and the mission of enriching the planet by empowering the individual. He has been teaching the work of Jose Silva for over 48 years (since 1971).
Ken is Silva’s most experienced instructor, having started in his twenties, he was handpicked by Jose Silva to serve on the elite Silva International staff (one of four out of hundreds). He is also on the Board of Advisors for Silva International and in his spare time serves a growing corporate, union and physician group client list with emotional intelligence and dynamic meditation workshops.
Ken earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus in Managerial Psychology from Boston University. He stays up-to-date with related topics in brain science and behavioral studies. Ken, in fact, was on academic probation with a 1.81 (D) cumulative average at BU prior to Silva. He then, upon completing the four day Silva seminar in 1971, applied the tools learned in Silva and graduated Cum Laude (3.8 cum.). Interestingly enough, Ken a daily Silva Dynamic Meditation practitioner also succeeded eliminating a history of headaches with Silva tools and went on to inspire his mother to attend the Silva 4 day program where she learned to eliminate both asthma and chronic arthritis.

Silva Ultra Seminar


The Ultra healing techniques that José Silva developed are based on both these pillars: age-old traditional practices and modern scientific knowledge.

What was most important for José Silva is that these techniques help everyday people solve their everyday problems in very simple and practical ways.

Now, Silva can be a part of your life and you can learn to share it with others. The Ultra Seminar is a unique combination of personal empowerment methods and advanced Silva techniques that can be used to heal, inspire and empower others.

You will learn the subtle power of subjective energies like desire, belief, and expectancy. These energies are often overlooked, but you will learn to direct these forces for healing purposes through imagery and meditation.

Then, you will learn to heal yourself and others by mastering objective energies like, your own human energy field and magnetic energy fields.

The best part about it is you can combine both subjective and objective energies into an even more powerful tool, one that you can learn to apply to any area of your continuously evolving life.


This is a rare event, so grab your seat(s) while you can. The last time we offered the Ultra Seminar was 15 years ago. Registrations will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis to the first 40 people to register.

Enrollments are accepted ONLY from Silva graduates from the Basic Lecture Series, Silva Life System and/or Silva Intuition System. 





We work hard on doing  and having , yet we forget who we truly are and the nature of our being . It is by recognizing our true being  that we are able to discover and actualize our life’s mission. We are unique and special and each of us   has unique talents and gifts. Our work can be a channel for the experience of mindand soul.

Take the time to discover what you love, where your heart lies, and how to serve others. Follow your inner voice. Find the best that is within you. What has greater meaning and a fullness that is deeply satisfying?

It is about following your inner voice, about preparing and cultivating your inner consciousness to make it fertile for new ideas and concepts.

To experience love, live a loving and love-filled life; to experience joy and creativity, live a joyous and creative life. To experience deep fulfillment, follow your

heart and give from the heart.

Imagine what it would be like to be living daily doing the work you were born to do.

What would it feel like?

What experiences would it involve?

How would you feel when you woke up in the morning?

What would your goals be?

How would you measure your success?


Keep these questions in mind, as they will help you build up positive motivation as you become more excited about the possibility of doing the work you were born to do.

Where is your joy?  Where is your passion and motivation?

What makes you feel most energized?


What work would you love to do if you had all the money and time you needed already, or if all the work paid the same?

This connection is based on the idea that we are here on this planet to fulfill a unique purpose.


There is a special place in the world that only you can fill. Know in your heart with total certainty that you can create or find this place.

Your attention is to find what you love, are inspired and excited by; to use your talents and strengths to be the fullest and most joyful that you can possibly be.

You are committed to discovering your bliss and following where your heart leads.