Everyone knows what it feels like to be overwhelmed.

It kills your productivity… raises your stress levels… clouds your thoughts… and burns you out, fast.
You sit there, thinking about the massive amount of work you have to do… and nothing seems to get done.

So what’s the best way to deal with overwhelm?

MOST people have never realized the connection between OVERWHELM, SUSTAINING GROWTH, and the ability to HANDLE life’s difficulties, get stuff DONE, connect with others, and productively and powerfully move forward every day.

In this video lesson, you’ll explore the cause and triggers of the feeling of OVERWHELM. You’ll then discover how to manage overwhelm, prevent it and navigate life’s struggles with grace and ease.

The Silva Method continues, even after 53 years of offering the program, to prove to be a highly effective way to deal with life’s struggles and truly Take Control Of Life. If you have yet to experience the live Immersion with Ken, you can check it out here https://silvamethodct.com/.

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Meditation is fast gaining recognition worldwide. According to CBS News on August 27, 2003, “more and more doctors recommend it”. It has been shown to help suppress depression, manage pain, increase longevity, invigorate the immune system, and lower blood pressure.

Dynamic Meditation which does also incorporate Mindfulness is a proven way to bypass the critical mind – inner gatekeeper and move us into the subconscious system of programs.

The whole purpose of meditation is to move our consciousness beyond the analytical – critical mind and into deeper levels of consciousness where we can create lasting beneficial change. This is key to self-improvement and/or your personal development.

The Benefits of a Dynamic Meditation practice include:

You accelerate learning and integrate the knowledge so that it becomes a part of you.

As a result, you Gain access to the operating system of your Mind-Brain so that you can make the desired improvements that last.

Also, You Create a STATE OF BEING that allows you to respond to life in a healthy way. You navigate life’s challenges with grace and ease.

And Your level of SELF-CARE is greatly enhanced. Research suggests 2-4 days of concentrated meditation is better than a vacation.

You gain more power in your Mental Rehearsal – Creative Visualization applications.

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In addition, according to a post published by Harvard Health at Harvard Medical School; the research found that vacation has beneficial but very temporary effects and that mindfulness therapies have sustained beneficial effects.

The evidence that mindfulness exercises can result in long-lasting positive psychological effects, especially for people new to these experiences, is compelling.

EDITORIAL NOTE: The Silva Method System of Dynamic Meditation is certainly a form of Mindfulness, in my opinion, and experience.

This is a primary reason that I offer the Silva Method Immersion Of Life & Intuition System in 4 consecutive days for new Silva students and reviewers alike. Four days of meditation compounds the beneficial results and helps to establish new positive patterns.

These studies and research findings are also why I offer a 2-day advanced program – Silva Mastery System – for Silva practitioners.

Two additional days of meditation build on the foundation of the core Immersion program. Plus you leave with 7 additional Dynamic Meditation based tools to sustain your continued growth. Attending a 2 – 4 meditation based event is more lasting than a vacation.

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