We work hard on doing  and having , yet we forget who we truly are and the nature of our being . It is by recognizing our true being  that we are able to discover and actualize our life’s mission. We are unique and special and each of us   has unique talents and gifts. Our work can be a channel for the experience of mindand soul.

Take the time to discover what you love, where your heart lies, and how to serve others. Follow your inner voice. Find the best that is within you. What has greater meaning and a fullness that is deeply satisfying?

It is about following your inner voice, about preparing and cultivating your inner consciousness to make it fertile for new ideas and concepts.

To experience love, live a loving and love-filled life; to experience joy and creativity, live a joyous and creative life. To experience deep fulfillment, follow your

heart and give from the heart.

Imagine what it would be like to be living daily doing the work you were born to do.

What would it feel like?

What experiences would it involve?

How would you feel when you woke up in the morning?

What would your goals be?

How would you measure your success?


Keep these questions in mind, as they will help you build up positive motivation as you become more excited about the possibility of doing the work you were born to do.

Where is your joy?  Where is your passion and motivation?

What makes you feel most energized?


What work would you love to do if you had all the money and time you needed already, or if all the work paid the same?

This connection is based on the idea that we are here on this planet to fulfill a unique purpose.


There is a special place in the world that only you can fill. Know in your heart with total certainty that you can create or find this place.

Your attention is to find what you love, are inspired and excited by; to use your talents and strengths to be the fullest and most joyful that you can possibly be.

You are committed to discovering your bliss and following where your heart leads.


Solving problems and creating solutions requires both creativity and a framework to guide us.

Ken, Silva’s lead instructor and International Training Director will share with you the five steps necessary to solve problems, and create solutions.

The 5 Steps To Create Solutions:

1. Acknowledge the cureent reality
2. Clearly define your desired Outcome
3. Develop a plan – Strategy
5. Celebrate and APPRECIATE any progress toward the outcome

You can take command of your life, increase your income, improve your relationships, and optimize your health. Experience what seems like the universe is conspiring to help you manifest your life’s desires.

New research has taught us that our brain is actually able to change based on experiences. This is called Neuroplasticity and as it turns out even the aging brain can change, learn, and adapt.

Mastering Your Life is an Inner Game. It’s the one key to SUSTAINED success in every area of your life. In short, it’s an Owner’s Manual for Your Mind. If you get this right, your life will never be the same and you will be free from struggle once and for all.

You’ll Make Better Decisions and Recognize Your Opportunities by accessing your creativity and intuition. Making the most of opportunities also means recognizing them for what they are and not making them worse.

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