Health And Weight Management Tips

Managing health and to take weight off and keep it off is mostly an inside game that requires changing your health and weight blueprint.

Ken’s Top Tips to take it off and keep it off AND feel GREAT.

> Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
> Move your body daily in activities you enjoy.
> Chew Slowly – Eat slowly.
> Get a healthy restful sleep everyday.
> Enjoy regular daily short Alpha breaks.
> Plus avoid artificial sweeteners.

Taking Charge From The Inside Out – Create New Neural Pathways

Most people who are concerned about their weight already know what to do BUT don’t feel like doing it. You can use Mental Rehearsal with Mirror of The Mind and/or imagine and visualize yourself taking the actions that you know you need to do.
Imagine and/or visualize yourself STOPPING the behaviors that are contributing to the challenge.
Enjoy and do ALL of this each day for 30 consecutive days with Daily Dynamic Meditation!