How To Heal Your Body – Heal Your Life and Manifest More

Expressions of gratitude and appreciation promote health and healing for both ourselves and others.

Regularly expressing appreciation and gratitude helps to increase your energy levels, reduce stress, boost your immune system, balance your hormones, and promote heart health. 

2018 has been filled with extraordinary growth and some extraordinary challenges. If this year has been tough on you and those you love, I understand.

You’re juggling a lot. You’ve got blessings — no doubt. But you’re also doing your best to navigate some challenges, too.

You’re so much stronger than you realize.

Be good to yourself. Rest when you can. Remember to laugh and have fun.

I encourage you to open your heart to those less fortunate, your loved ones, and anyone (or anything) that has enhanced your life and to offer a token of thanks.

Have you told someone dear to you that you’re happy they’re in your Life?

This could be in the form of a note, a present, or some other meaningful expression of appreciation. Then watch how your acts of kindness create joy and blessings in the world. 

Our family enjoys the practice of going around the table and each expresses something that they are thankful for.

It’s so cool how at first some hesitate but once we get going, the room lights up. I highly recommend this exercise. Then watch in awe as you begin to manifest.

Let’s consider some further thought on this subject.

A key personality trait that plays a crucial role in any achievement endeavor is GRIT, a term first coined by psychologist Angela Duckworth in 2007.

People who have grit have a strong passion to pursue a long-term goal AND the ability to persevere and persist in overcoming obstacles to achieve those goals, even if it takes months or years to accomplish.

The research suggests that having the quality of grit can predict future academic performance in students and indeed, it plays a key role in every achievement-related outcome. 

You can add more GRIT to your personality by having a GROWTH MINDSET according to brain science.

You can also add more GRIT and by staying healthy and balanced by the daily enjoyment of your Silva Dynamic Meditation practice.

Health Benefits of Meditation: Since the 1960’s scientific journals have published thousands of papers on the effects of meditation on health and wellbeing.

These effects include:

  • reduction of anxiety,
  • a reduction in allergic skin reactions,
  • less incidence of angina and cardiac arrhythmias,
  • relief from bronchial asthmas and coughs,
  • reduced problems with constipation,
  • fewer problems with duodenal ulcers,
  • less dizziness and fatigue,
  • lower blood pressure in people suffering from hypertension,
  • alleviation of pain,
  • reduction of insomnia,
  • improve fertility,
  • and help in mild to moderate depression.

And with Ken’s and the Silva Method’s Dynamic Meditation you get all these health benefits PLUS the ability to grow and manifest your goals and intention.

ADD these to your library to feed your GROWTH MINDSET.

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