The Best Of The Best 2017 Master Classes – New Year Reflection


This was a LIVECAST event that included an expansion of the original Silva tools – 3 Fingers, Mirror Of The Mind – Laboratory and Counselors that inspired Jose Silva and a pioneering movement that became the Silva Method.

You will learn how to develop advanced applications of manifestation skills, higher self alignment and intuition to Take Command Of Your Life for 2018!


The New Year Reflection idea comes to us via my friend Jon Butcher of Lifebook whom I have deep respect for. His  buddy Tim Ferris sent it to him  and I want to share it with you. I do this exercise periodically. 
Tim says that REFLECTION on last year is way more important than setting goals for the coming new year – especially if you’re doing it in a vacuum.


FIRST: Ask yourself, what REALLY WORKED for you in 2016? What were your biggest wins? 
What were the 20% of your actions that yielded 80% of your results? Really dial into that – and then commit to doing MORE of that stuff next year. Write down what that might look like.


SECOND: What DIDN’T WORK for you last year? What people, projects and initiatives created stress and urgency in your life? 
Make that list – and then commit to ELIMINATING that stuff in 2017. Write down what that might look like too.


Tim says that these two lists should be the FOUNDATION of your goals for the coming new year, so you’re building on something tangible, tried and true.


Makes perfect sense to me and I’m going to do it this year. And it makes sense to do anytime.


So if you’re game, block out a couple of uninterrupted hours, grab a cup of hot chocolate or your favorite beverage and put this exercise to work for you.