End OF Year Reflection To Stay Motivated And Confident

The End Of Year Reflection Exercise To Stay Motivated And Confident

I recorded this video for you. I believe that you’ll find the exercises very helpful to clear and release the old worn out patterns. And create a life vision of hope and optimism for the New Year.


The end of the year marks a threshold and invites a pause for reflection. It’s a great time to take stock of the year behind and look ahead at the year to come.

As we approach 2019, I invite you to invest some present moment time to reflect and project.

If you’re a Silva Method Practitioner, I recommend you also do this at level and use Mirror of the Mind.

If you are not a Silva practitioner, I recommend you do this exercise in a quiet place. A meditative state is ideal with some creative visualization.

Reflect back on 2018

· What were the lessons learned? Seek their value; free of judgment. BE SELF-COMPASSIONATE. Give yourself permission not to be perfect.

· What talents and strengths did you develop and put to good use?
· What gifts did you give and what gifts did you receive?

Project to a vision of 2019

· How will you utilize the lessons learned in 2018? 
· How will your growth experiences season your choices in this new year?
· What gifts would you like to give and what gifts would you like to receive?

Go beyond Goal Setting!

What does your IDEAL – BEST SELF look like for 2019? And how does it make you feel?


My guided meditation and mini-course FUTURE SELF is a powerful and fun exercise to help you create a vision of the future with hope and optimism. You’ll also access intuitive insights to know how to allow your best self to emerge. You can get yours here.

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