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Watch this video and get 3 free intuition training videos.

Ken Coscia’s The Lost Sense: Intuition & YouTM includes:

• Why intuition is becoming an absolute necessity in the world of business
• The 7 step sequence to using intuition for problem solving
• The Relaxation Exercise: experience an instant wave of relaxation
• Remote Viewing: an expose on this top-secret Government project (and how you can use it)
• When to trust your intuition and when not to
• The Higher Purpose Vision – A technique for discovering your true calling
• How does your body physically respond to intuition? A fascinating insight
• Distortions of Perception. Find out if these factors are clouding your judgment?
• The 15 channels of receiving intuitive messages
• And much, much more!

The Lost Sense: Intuition & You is NOW available online.

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