There’s nothing more debilitating than not being able to make a decision due to excessive worry. Worry is a common trap that plagues way too many people. It adds distress to the body, weakens confidence and sucks the life right out of you.

Worry is the enemy to productivity.

There are many effective strategies to conquer worry, build confidence and improve productivity.

1. Silva Method graduates will remember how to manage worry and negative self talk with the pattern interrupter – CANCEL CANCEL. It’s a tool Silva teaches in the Mental Housecleaning section.

2. Proper planning through research, study and practice is another must do.

3. Shifting your focus of attention to feel gratitude will change your state.

4. You can transform the feeling of anxiety from worry by shifting your attention to thinking positive, loving thoughts to people you care about — Especially while you are meditating and/or having difficulty getting back to sleep. 

Ken Coscia, the International Training Director for all Silva Instructors, has facilitated transformation and worked with over 200,000 people in 27 nations in LIVE training. Ken is committed to The Silva Method and the mission of enriching the planet by empowering the individual. He has been teaching the work of Jose, Juan and Laura Silva, for over 47 years (since 1971).

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