The Solution Generator

Have you ever struggled with Analysis Paralysis?
You know the horrible feeling of self-doubt that can leave us stuck in indecisiveness and old patterns.
I have and it sucks the life force right out of me. It’s no fun and a waste of time and energy. How about you? Can you relate?
You’ve heard how my life was transformed from no direction to a life of purpose and contribution–From frequent headaches to no more headaches — From failing in College to Cum Laude Honors — When I learned The Silva Method and made dynamic meditation a daily practice.
What you don’t know about me is that the feeling of mounting uncertainty used to mentally paralyze me in self-doubt and the resulting getting stuck. Even today, knowing what I know, it can still be a challenge. 
I learned through years of training and practice to minimize this by learning to take the pressure off and let my subconscious work for me.
I would like to continue to help you to do the same. And you won’t need years of practice. You already have the basics from tools you learned; such as, The Three Fingers Technique, Dream Control, The Glass Of Water Technique, The Laboratory and Counselors, Holoviewing and Case working. Now you just need to implement them.
I know, life is crazy busy and all the demands……BUT can you see how much time and money you’ll save by improving your performance in all you do?! I want you to make the time to apply these tools and enjoy the insights and solutions that come as a result.
Better & Better!