• Intro to the Programs

America’s First Personal Growth Program since 1966…

At The Silva Method, we believe the key to the next stage of human evolution lies in the development of the mind’s hidden intuitive potential.

Our mission is to awaken this potential for everyone on the planet.

Since 1966, we’ve helped over 6 million people in 110 countries harness their minds and improve their lives in various meaningful ways.

Through a scientific and time-tested curriculum based on the findings of our late founder Jose Silva (the man widely credited with bringing modern meditation to the West), we’ve helped our graduates spark profound and lasting positive change in their careers, finances, health, emotional well-being, and relationships.

Why settle for personal growth when you can experience personal evolution?

If you’re like most people who use meditation, visualization or manifestation, your goal is simple: you want to overcome your personal barriers. You want to give back and realize your highest potential.

And you know that across the world, more and more people like you are waking up to a more conscious lifestyle.

But why do some of these ‘lucky’ people experience deep life-changing transcendence – while you might still be wrestling with financial struggle, health challenges, unfulfilled potential, and jarring, unpredictable peaks and plateaus in your career and personal life?

This is what makes the difference between the consciously evolved and the consciously stuck…

 It’s all about how you practice your personal growth.

At The Silva Method, we support you with a form of active meditation that we call Dynamic Meditation to spark tangible, profound, lasting change.  

You’re shown how to use each of your 5 senses from your hands to your eyes, visualize vivid symbols and invoke hyper-specific symbology to function at the Alpha and Theta levels of mind while fully awake.

You’ll do this through a set of time-tested and highly refined mind exercises that come together to form a more empowered lifestyle.

One where you can overcome unwanted habits and beliefs, shift your career, personal life, relationships, and health, and even influence the lives of your loved ones.

The Silva Method is like having a personal trainer showing you exactly how your body works. How to work with different muscle groups to get the results you want – except instead of your muscles, you’re working with your mind.

Bringing Conscious Practices to a World of Endeavors

Our curriculum, a unique combination of Alpha and Theta level mind exercises, creative visualizations, habit control, and positive programming methods has been endorsed by various thought leaders and scientists.

This includes personal growth icons like Jack Canfield, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, T. Harv Ecker, Vishen Lakhiani, Bob Proctor and Shakti Gawain; bestselling author, Richard Bach; award-winning neuroscience researcher, Mark Robert Waldman; and oncology research pioneer, Dr. O. Carl Simonton.

The Silva Life System™ & Intuition System™

We now have two new completely updated core programs to replace the Basic Lecture Series – The Silva Life System & The Silva Intuition System.

Both represent Jose Silva’s complete original researched time-tested and proven methodology with an emphasis on practical relevant applications.

Millions of Graduates in over 55 years — Including Scientists, Doctors, Artists & Entrepreneurs — Have Used The Silva Method To Experience The Full Extent Of Their Intuitive Senses and Live a Life Beyond the Ordinary.

The Silva 4-Day Immersion Experience

We now offer the most effective and powerful way for you to experience BOTH the Silva Life System & Intuition System over four consecutive days – The 4-Day Immersion Experience.

It is by far the ideal format for you to accelerate your integration and development of the Silva Mind Technology.

The 4-Day Immersion is now available with Ken Coscia in Connecticut, and Chicago.

Give Me 4 Days and I’ll Show You How To Transform Your Life To Create An Extraordinary Life!

Imagine giving yourself a gift by slowing down for four days, putting the demands of your everyday life on hold. Imagine immersing yourself in a very relaxed, friendly, supportive environment with a small group of uplifting, motivated people – and focusing on nothing but YOU.

Imagine creating a crystal-clear roadmap that will guide you, inevitably, step-by-step forward into creating the life of your design.

And finally, imagine experiencing the tangible result of those four days – a level of confidence, certainty and the development of the proven step by step tools that you bring home with you to create your success, happiness, and fulfillment to enhance the quality of your life.

And it begins with a decision and a commitment to invest in your most important asset….You.

The Silva Life System

(2 days) will focus on self-improvement and practical life enhancement techniques to manifest your success in getting what you want. Silva Life System (SLS) helps you to develop the foundation.
If you are new to Silva, it is required to begin with.

The Silva Intuition System

(2 days) will focus on the development of Intuition, inspiration, creativity, living a purpose driven life, and spiritual development, as well as advanced manifestation tools.
The SIS is by far the heart and soul of the Silva Method.

Silva Graduate Advanced Seminars

You, upon completing Life System and Intuition System, are eligible to participate in optional Silva advanced graduate seminars designed to take you to the next level and better integrate Silva into your daily practice!

There are two primary specialized graduate programs and more on the way; The Ultra Seminar on Holistic Healing and The Silva Mastery Seminar.

What People Are Saying

“I want to thank you one more time for your Energy you shared with our grads, your Time, your open Heart and mind, Ideas and Trust. All these things together made these two weeks really special for us and for people in Lithuania and Latvia. Thank you for your huge support… it really means a lot to us. We talked today with Rasa and Aleksandra and we felt again like the first time, when we became Silva instructors. The same inspiration, the same wish to work and share the message of better life with people. Thank you for your spiritual insights and work you are doing. Please, continue it no matter what happens. We all need you.”

With love and respect,

“Hi Ken, I just wanted to shoot you a quick e-mail about the amazing results I am having so far with Silva. I have been programming for weight loss twice a day and I lost 6 pounds already. Silva is amazing and I just can’t thank you enough for your dedication to teaching it. You are a master teacher. By the way my daughter programmed for getting a job teaching and she was offered the first job she interviewed for. I am truly blown away by the power this program has. Thank you again.”