The Art & Science Of Mastering The Silva Method Skills

The Silva Mastery Seminar teaches you the “WHAT and WHY” behind the foundation of the Silva Method. You’ll be better able to apply the How To Do It Applications.

Ken’s Mastery Seminar is acclaimed by tens of thousands of Silva Method practitioners all over the world, since 1984.

Ken will help you to gain a deeper understanding, connection with, and integration of Silva’s core principles.

It is about you breaking through that which has been holding you back from being your very best.

Do you remember, upon completing your initial Silva experience, how everything seemed to fall into place?

You became so focused.

There was a natural rhythm. You were in the flow.

Would you like to allow that to happen more consistently?

Whether you have been practicing your Silva skills or have let things slide, the Silva Mastery Seminar is the ideal opportunity for you to tap back into that natural rhythm.

You’ll launch yourself to new levels of clarity, focus, and balance with proven outstanding results.

Ken designed this program for you, the Silva practitioner who wants to enjoy more consistent lasting results.

It is based on Ken’s practical experience with tens of thousands of Silva graduates in over 20 nations over a 50-year span.

It is an experience with over six unique dynamic meditations.

And some of the latest research to help you make the shifts you’ll need to navigate these times with poise, confidence, and a level of certainty to manifest your Life Vision.


  • Identify hidden obstacles that may be holding you back. Develop and experience proven techniques to eliminate them.
  • Develop value-based goals that can leave you with a clear sense of mission and purpose.
  • Reprogram your nervous system to stay healthy & productive in spite of it all.
  • Integrate the Silva skills more effectively into your life. Manifest more of what you really want.


Creating lasting breakthroughs to integrate and master your Silva Skills. It’s not what you know or even how much you know that makes the difference. It is what you can do with what you know.


The foundation for psychological health, wellbeing, and balance. You will feel the difference as you mobilize healing emotions.


You will Gain insight and learn from the cycles of personal and spiritual growth. You will develop new, proven techniques based on current research in Neuroscience and the emerging science of Energy Medicine to balance body, mind, and spirit to get it going again and keep it going.


Eliminate self-sabotage, enhance self-confidence, deepen feelings of self-appreciation and develop the skills of “bouncing back”. Learn and develop the skills to consistently thrive in these times.

Life Vision

Align your goals with your purpose and gain motivation to get what you really want.

You will learn to enhance your personal connection to higher intelligence and benefit from inner guidance. It is one of Jose Silva’s most profound concepts.


Learn from fear, guilt, doubt, and anger to maintain emotional integrity. Transform and release “stuck” patterns of distress.  Develop powerful new and unique techniques to manage and prevent feelings of being “overwhelmed”.


Learn to Awaken and focus your higher awareness to manifest your highest good and purpose.

Optimal Health

Learn the 5 steps to neutralize toxic emotions to enjoy vibrant health.


Deepen compassion and understanding for enduring patience and richer relationships. 

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Read What Attendees Of Ken’s Seminars Are Saying

“Your message was not only one of material and a method of great practical use in the lives of people; almost more importantly, it was a message of high spiritual resolve. In this manner, you acted as a stimulus and guide to spiritual growth and advancement. What a powerful force for good in the world”!

“Ken’s lectures are always filled with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the life changing techniques that he teaches. He is a lecturer, teacher, friend, businessman, coach and mind developer. His always caring, friendly attitude mirrors the principals that he presents.”

“Ken Coscia is a FABULOUS Silva teacher.
If you get a chance to take one of his seminars, do it! He’s the best!”

“I just want to share some inspiration today. I have been using Mirror of the Mind, Holoviewing and Power Programming (from Ken’s Mastery Seminar) to manifest the money I needed to pay for the coaching that is the next step for me to start my business. (If you are a SLS & SIS graduate, please consider taking the Mastery Seminar the next time Ken offers it because I have been applying what I learned and it is knocking my socks off. If you are not an SLS & SLS graduate, you need to get on that. Lol).
I have been doing all three of these techniques consistently everyday for just a little more than a week. That’s all it took for me. And I manifested the money I needed just shy of $100. It was a lot of money for me, I’ll just say that without revealing the actual amount.
Here’s my inspiration for you: learn to LOVE meditating with the Silva Method techniques if you don’t already. I’ve done the Long Relax everyday for about a year now and counting. The more you meditate the more you will be in a flow state.
The more time you spend visualizing your goals, it’s only a matter of time but they MUST happen. If you are putting in the work, it literally has to happen. The universe has no choice but to give you what you want! Drop any attachment to the how and just believe and trust it’s coming.”


“I was curious about the Cave exercise but had not really thought about it much. It ended up being one of the deepest experiences I’ve had.

When I entered the void, I immediately saw a calendar with a year clearly marked on it. I saw the inside of a living room of the time period referenced in the calendar. I clearly saw the woman in the room as if she was standing next to me. I felt the terrible predicament she was in and how it had impacted her finances and relationships.

It all happened very quickly, but I immediately had the insight that in order to avoid the same terrible results which she had had in that lifetime, I had carried a strong energetic message within me to act in a certain way to avoid going through that again.

A series of challenges I’ve had in this lifetime, suddenly made sense. I also understood how they were connected. I feel like the awareness I received by going through this exercise in the Mastery Class, helped me gain insight that had not been coming to me with the other tools.

Now I can and am using the white screen to continue healing and correcting the pain from that lifetime. It was a relief to have it make sense and to feel that I have tools and actions to take to help myself now.” 

T.P. Massachussettes

The Silva Mastery Seminar is scheduled occasionally for
graduates of Life and Intuition System and/or the BLS.