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Accelerate Learning · Read Faster · Comprehend Better · Recall More  Utilize Integrative Learning · Relieve Eyestrain


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Clarity Focus Emotion To Co-Create With The 5 Jump Start Questions


The 5 JUMP START QUESTIONS Ask yourself……..

1. What do I WANT to create?

2. What is motivating me to create this?

3. What talents and strengths do I have that align with my intention?

4. Why is this valuable to me?!

5. How will I and others benefit from my creation?


Live Your BEST LIFE Framework


I’m sure you realize that if our lives are filled with stress we just can’t be at our best. Or for that matter move forward in our lives with good health, joy, and thrive.
It is no longer an option to not do the inner work. Let’s face it, it works when you work it. It’s not easy but when you have a plan or a framework you can count on and the necessary support, moving forward becomes so much more likely.
Consider a four-step framework to change, sustain the desired changes, and allow your best self to emerge in all that you do.
First, the process begins with self-awareness. It is necessary for us to be able to observe ourselves in our lives free of judgment. It is essential to give ourselves permission not to be perfect while we acknowledge and identify what’s no longer in alignment with our highest good.
Second, once you decide what no longer serves your highest good, we then need to unplug from the patterns that no longer serve us. We do this by staying out of survival and fear by praising and appreciating more than complaining.
It is also important to embrace being uncomfortable because this is a good sign that tells us we are stepping out of our comfort zone or the same old same old.
Third, we then need to take active steps with tools that we can apply in our lives. We do this as we move forward with a future vision of our life with elevated emotions. We can elevate our emotions by feeling the benefits to ourselves and those we care about as if it’s happened already.
Fourth, we hit the reset button by doing the inner work using the tools that we have learned. And then of course repetition, repetition, repetition is necessary.
It helps when you have the right training, get support from a friend, a mentor, from the right training, or whatever is necessary to keep you in the flow. Dynamic meditation is the difference that will make the difference as you apply it daily.
There are many opportunities available to you to help you create and live your best life.

RoadMap To A Better Future & Preview Of Silva Immersion



7 Reasons You’re Not Getting What You Want And What To Do About It


High-Performance studies reveal that there are reasons why You are failing or won’t even try.
Explore and discover what’s stopping you and What you can do about it.




The Law Of Attention And Focus To Get What you Want


The POWER Of Imagination To Get What You Want








Accelerate Learning · Read Faster · Comprehend Better · Recall More

 Utilize Integrative Learning · Relieve Eyestrain


POWER LEARNING is a fast paced workshop that can dramatically improve your ability to breeze through books, reports, magazines, trade journals (even technical and legal material) with both comprehension and recall. This program has been widely acclaimed throughout the U.S.A., Canada, Australia, Europe, and the Far East for its dynamic synthesis of some of the most innovative learning techniques – such as relaxed learning, creative visualization, Mind Mapping, and speed reading. The focus of the workshop will be on the development of rapid, comprehensive accelerated learning skills.


7 Solid Reasons To Participate:


  1. Boost your workday productivity and spend more time using the information.
  2. Multiply your present reading speed two, even three times and get more done in less time.
  3. You’ll understand and retain even the most complex reading material.
  4. Remember and recall key ideas or detailed information easily.
  5. You’ll improve your concentration and stop “mind wandering” and overcome outside distractions.
  6. Fine-tune your study and learning skills.
  7. Regain pleasure reading time.

DATE: Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th May 2021 (Sydney Australia time)
For the USA and Canada: Friday, May 28 and Saturday, May 29 
from 7 PM to 10 PM

TIME: 9am – 12pm both days (Sydney Australia)
INVESTMENT: $249 Austalia; approx $195 US

To book, please click on the link HERE.