RoadMap To Life Mastery 2021 And A Preview Of Silva Life & Intuition System


VIRTUAL Silva Life & Intuition System January 25-31, 2021

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About Ken Coscia
Ken Coscia, the Silva Method’s Lead Instructor, and International Training Director has facilitated transformation and worked with over 200,000 people in 27 nations for 49 years. Ken is committed to The Silva Method and the mission of enriching the planet by empowering the individual. He has been teaching the work of Jose Silva for over 49 years (since 1971).

Ken is Silva’s most experienced instructor, having started in his twenties, was handpicked by Jose Silva to serve on the elite Silva International staff (one of four out of hundreds).

Ken earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus in Managerial Psychology from Boston University. He stays up-to-date with related topics in brain science and behavioral studies. Ken, in fact, was on academic probation with a 1.81 (D) cumulative average at BU prior to Silva. He then, upon completing the four day Silva seminar in 1971, applied the tools learned in Silva and graduated Cum Laude (3.8 cum.). Interestingly enough,

Ken a daily Silva Dynamic Meditation practitioner also succeeded in eliminating a history of headaches with Silva tools and went on to inspire his mother to attend the Silva 4 day program where she learned to eliminate both asthma and chronic arthritis.

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Master Silva Method Techniques And Navigate Life With Grace And Ease

For Students Of The Silva Method Who Want To Gain Mastery Of The Silva Techniques.
Master Altered States For Rapid Problem Solving. A deep dive into the core- foundation work of Jose Silva with an emphasis on How To Do It applications for the real world.
It’s Classic SILVA with Ken Coscia, the man who Jose Silva handpicked out of hundreds of instructors worldwide to teach advanced principles, at his best to help you focus laser-like!
If you’re a Silva practitioner, you know how powerfully effective the Silva Method techniques are.
And yet sometimes you slip back into old familiar patterns or feel stuck. Sometimes you get results with little effort. Other times it may feel like you’re hitting a wall.
You’re not alone!
I can help.

Manifesting Inner Wisdom with Mindfulness


Creating  a Life of your design is an art form that requires skills.

Accessing Inner-Wisdom is more likely to occur when we are Mindfully present with an intention to ALLOW our BEST SELF to emerge. This is fostered by having a clear Future Identity and by visualizing it daily.


Spiritual Healing Meditation with the Silva THETA Sound by Ken Coscia


This spiritual healing meditation was recorded by Ken Coscia in June 2020 and offered as a tool to help you get into a state of grace, boost your immune system, and help your family, friends and loved ones. If you find value in your experience, feel free to share it with that special someone who could also benefit. Remember making meditation a part of your daily practice is the difference that will make the difference!


  1. Center yourself in a state of Grace and Ease. Breathe in peace and energy. Release that which no longer serves your highest good.
  2. Allow yourself to feel genuine gratitude and appreciation.
  3. Do you some Remote healing. Energize and project loving healing thoughts to people you care about.
  4. Feel the energy and joy as you focus on self healing statements. Then Focus and direct your healing thoughts to others in a virtual Energy circle.

If you’re enjoying and getting value from this guided dynamic meditation, consider getting some of KEN’s guided dynamic meditations in a workshop format. You’ll find them on Ken’s Trust Your Intuition Academy.


Play The Appreciation Game


We all know the benefits of Gratitude. 

Do you know, however how to magnify those benefits?

You’re invited to an Appreciation Party. Watch this 18-minute video and
discover for yourself the numerous benefits you’ll enjoy by playing the Appreciation Game.


How To Stay Positive And Focused


How do you manage to stay positive, feeling peaceful, and focused when it seems like the world has turned upside down?

We, as we move through life, experience many challenges, demands and temporary setbacks… stressors. These demands coupled with an inability to manage them can lead to disharmony, imbalance and overwhelm. It’s as if the Ego is having a tantrum. We, under these conditions, can become self absorbed, self centered and needy and thus lose our effectiveness as a human being.
The Opening Your Heart Meditation is recommended as a technique to calm the Ego and transform your energy into a higher expression… to center in love. If we vibrate with love, prosperity and happiness, we will attract more love, prosperity and happiness. It is a simple and yet a profound truth.
The Opening Your Heart Meditation is a guided dynamic meditation that can raise the energy of your vibration and strengthen the coherence and power of your heart chakra to enhance your manifestation skill.
Practicing with this exercise can calm restless feelings and transform your energy into a higher expression… to center in love. And as a side benefit you will sleep so much better and even improve communication and your manifestation skills.
The Opening Your Heart Meditation is now available as a mini-course.




Manifesting: the most unreliable science in the universe?

You already know that your thoughts become things–and that your mind is the key to your ideal reality.

But let’s be real — if the science of manifesting really is the key to all the abundance, health and love your mind can imagine…

Why is your life still a roller coaster of ups and downs? And why aren’t you already living your ideal reality?

It’s often the subtle distinctions in our language and intent that makes a world of difference in the outcome.


Silva Method Immersion Of Silva Life System & Intuition System Virtual Graduate Meeting With Ken Coscia


I recorded this virtual graduate meeting held on Wednesday, November 4, 2020 on my iPhone to insure the privacy of the participants and so that you could watch the replay. There are two guided Dynamic Meditations….

in the beginning to set intention and then near the end we enjoyed a virtual energy circle for self healing and spiritual healing for friends. During the closing meditation, I read DESIDERATA which was found in old ST. Paul’s church in Baltimore, Maryland in 1692.


How Do I Know That I’m In ALPHA?


How Do I Know That I’m In ALPHA is a common question that new participants to Silva and/or new meditators ask.

You may ask this question because you care and want results, however it actually makes things worse.

Listen to this 7.5 minute video lesson and discover a much more effective approach.


Would you like to take your experience to a whole new level, eliminating what’s been holding you back and develop
some very cool applications of Intuition?

If you’re answer is yes, then you’re the kind of student I’m looking for to GET REAL VALUE by attending Silva Mastery with me. As of this writing 10/30/20 ONLY 6 seats are available.
Discover More here: Silva Mastery.


The Danger Of Complaining vs. PRAISE


Even though there seems to be much to complain about today, is it really worth it?
Chronic complaining only adds more stress which compromises immune system and interferes with your performance, let alone damaging your health.
The science behind praise in appreciation clearly demonstrates the value to our overall health, well-being and performance.