Retraining the brain to create neural pathways requires focusing on a clear intention with elevated emotions and repetition. This video lesson was prepared for Ken’s Silva Method students to inspire them to make a daily practice of their Silva skills.

There are four principles that make up the foundational framework that all personal and professional development programs are built on. These principles are universal, simple, straightforward and a challenge to adhere to.

High Performance, getting what you want or manifesting like a Master is all about taking command of your life from the inside out.
The 4 Step Process is the very core – foundation to any self-improvement modality.

1. Cultivate creative thoughts of possibilities…your Best Self. This is the trigger – switch – spark that fires ……

2. Feelings – Emotions -memories which cause the brain to release a flood of neurochemicals that…..

3. Produce a State of Being – mentally and physically which has a direct influence on the quality of our actions/behaviors – performance which…….

4. Affects the Outcome and/or Results!

Cultivating creative thoughts is the key to start the process of bringing out your Best Self and a life defined by a vision of the future.


Think Outside Of the Box – A Neuro Tip from Mark Waldman
“Repeated exposure to the same ideas weakens the brain’s ability to take action. Neurons become more active during any form of learning, and thus we are more motivated when we are introduced to new experiences, feelings, and thoughts. Whenever we are learning something new, communication between neurons improves, whereas old ideas put the brain to sleep. So if you want to stay happy, healthy, and interested in life, expose yourself to new people, experiences, and ideas.  Eric Kandel won the Nobel Prize for his discoveries about learning and habituation by studying the effects on the neurons of sea slugs!”


Silva Method Practitioners – A Friendly Reminder

  • The Memory Pegs – Fantastic Voyage Exercise – Laboratory And Counselors – Mental Projection Exercises are excellent tools to cultivate creative thought and thinking out of the box.
  •  You can then use Mirror of The Mind and/or Holoviewing to program your goals and Life Vision.



Take Command…It’s your Life After-all!!!

Stop settling for less. If you want to take command of your life and create a life that is filled with passion, achievement, and reward, the most effective solution is through self-improvement and personal growth. This is a chance to focus solely on your personal growth and development, and a chance for you to learn how to become a stronger, more resourceful and more powerful person. Winners find a way and Ken Coscia can help you find yours at The Immersion Experience.

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Remember to…….. DO Good – Make A Difference – Have Fun & Thrive!



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