Freedom – State Change – Mind Control


Self-Mastery in life requires self awareness plus self regulation to increase personal effectiveness. When it comes to personal effectiveness, we need to be in the best internal state to allow our best self to come forward for the task at hand.

Personal freedom has more to do with your internal state, your degree of self-awareness and the effective implementation of your developed skill set. This is what true Mind Control is all about – self control.

Things are not always what they appear to be and this is especially accurate when it comes to posts on Social Media and/or the news media. We all have the ability to access internal states of wisdom, and intuition that can guide us to make better, wiser decisions.

This internal state has been compared to non-ordinary states, the subconscious, ecstasis and Flow states. The heightened state of mind-body levels of awareness that transcends the laws of logic, reasoning and critical thinking. It is a state that when we experience it, ideas flow that are often innovative breakthroughs.

Science and Psychology have for many decades investigated the brain chemistry of these states that often people experience while in Flow that is activated during extreme adventure sports, the joggers high, moments of excellence, orgasm, the feeling of being lost in music, and even drugs like MDMA (Exstacy).

The conclusion from the research also finds that we can achieve this blissful, insightful state from meditation and it’s free of risk. Any meditator has indeed recognized this one way or another.

The takeaway for you is to be sure to add meditation as part of your daily practice and ask questions to get to the truth. Taking command of your life requires awareness and skills. It is an investment in self-care that is well worth it and some would even suggest necessary.