When You Give It All Up, You Get It ALL Back

The founder of the Trust Your Intuition Academy, the lead instructor and Silva Method International Training Director and author of the Silva Mastery System, Ken Coscia explores the art and science of creating and/or manifesting the life of your design.

This was recorded during a Facebook live.

What does it take to gain intuitive insights and get what you want?

There is a saying that I learned many decades ago – “When you give it all up, you gat it all back.”
Examining and reflecting on this expression helps us to understand what it takes to master our co-creation and/or manifestation skills. It is really a lesson about the delicate balance between Surrender and Persistence.

We have come to understand that when we “try” too hard, we experience obsessive thoughts leading to anxiety which energetically speaking repels our desired outcome. And yet we know the value of persistent effort and doing whatever it takes to achieve our goal. Here in lies our challenge!

There comes a time when we need to release and surrender our intention to the universe or whatever your spiritual belief teaches you.

Watch the video and listen deeply and enjoy.