How Do You Stay Motivated In Spite Of IT ALL?!


When faced with a challenging situation, negative/angry person and/or feeling out of integrity, you can ask:

1. Can I change him/her?

2. Can I Fix him/her?

3. Can I help him/her?

4. Can I change me? (the most effective)


I use these questions to help me work through negative emotions and upsets with other people. The use of these questions has made a big difference and I’d like to help you to do the same.


I recommend that you ask these questions and reflect on your answers while in a relaxed meditative state; ie Alpha level.


One of the dynamic meditation tools that I use throughout my personal and professional life to amplify the benefits of the clarity gained with the conflict questions is the Open Your Heart Meditation.


We, as we move through life, experience many challenges, demands, and temporary setbacks… stressors. These demands coupled with an inability to manage them can lead to disharmony, imbalance and overwhelm. It’s as if the Ego is having a tantrum. We, under these conditions, can become self-absorbed, self-centered and needy and thus lose our effectiveness as a human being.


The Opening Your Heart Meditation is recommended as a technique to calm the Ego and transform your energy into a higher expression… to center in love. If we vibrate with love, prosperity, and happiness, we will attract more love, prosperity, and happiness. It is a simple and yet profound truth.


The Opening Your Heart Meditation is a guided dynamic meditation that can raise the energy of your vibration and strengthen the coherence and power of your heart chakra to enhance your manifestation skill. Practicing with this exercise can calm restless feelings and transform your energy into a higher expression… to center in love. And as a side benefit, you will sleep so much better and even improve communication and your manifestation skills.


The Opening Your Heart Meditation is now available as a mini-course.
You can check it out by clicking here.