Take Command Of Your Life And Navigate Life With Grace And Ease In Flow With Intuition

Taking Command Of Your Life so that you navigate Life with Grace and Ease requires the skill of Intuition.

We all have this natural ability. It is enhanced with deliberate practice. Then by journaling and reflecting on your experiences with intuition you begin to recognize patterns.

As you discern the difference between when you’re accurate and when you’re off, you get to a place of awareness. You know the difference that makes the difference.
You then gain competence which gives you the confidence to courageously apply even more intuition. You get into a Flow State whereby you make better, wiser decisions in all you do.

We do this all throughout the 4 days of the Silva Method Immersion Experience of Life & Intuition System.


6 Steps To Transform Toxic Feelings Into Healing And Balance

How do you manage the inevitable conflicts, upsets, disapointments, and setbacks that can become toxic feelings and suck the life out of you?

Explore with me in this video lesson the 6 Step process I teach in my Silva Method Mastery and the Immersion of Life & Intuition System.

The 6 Steps To Transform Toxic Feelings Into Healing Emotions

1. Acknowledge the current reality
2. Ask questions to make connections
3. Do the Inneer Work
4. Appreciate any and all progress
5. Congratulate yourself and Visualize Your Future Self
6. Release it and get on with your life


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