From Self-Doubt To Self-Confidence

There is a serious malady of the human condition that affects our mood, productivity, energy levels, performance and ultimately it’s what holds us back from moving forward in our lives. Like a disease, it spreads and is even contagious.

You guessed – it’s called SELF-DOUBT. At our core, it stems from low Self-Esteem.

I’ve experienced this in my own life and been a witness to it in my students and coach clients.
How about you? Have you ever doubted yourself and/or second-guessed yourself? 

Have you ever as a Silva practitioner or other asked: “Am I deep enough?” “Am I in Alpha?”  when you do your Alpha Dynamic Meditation? 

If you have, you know where I’m going with this. 
When you doubt yourself, your consciousness moves from the deeper levels of Alpha-Theta awareness to a more anxious, active Beta level. In other words, the self-doubt interferes and prevents you from having a quality experience.

I’m sure you can agree that self-confidence is vitally important when you consider the extremely high levels of uncertainty so many people are feeling these days. Many of you are facing the need to re-invent your health, relationships, and career – finances. There seems to be so much to learn.

Fortunately, you have and use the Silva tools to continue to believe that you can figure things out. I’d like to assist you to do the same. And sometimes you just need to show up, do it and take a leap of faith.

Confidence in oneself comes from experience, wisdom and especially from having evidence that you have indeed made progress and/or enjoyed some wins. It becomes a resource state that enables you to move through life with a higher degree of certainty and FLOW.

You create a resource state of hope, confidence, and certainty by reliving with intense positive emotion a past moment of excellence and lock it in with a trigger such as your three fingers held together. You may remember this tool that you learn in the Silva Life System (days 1-2 of the Immersion).

I do believe in you and your inherent abilities. All you need is practice. Remember 5 minutes a day is good. 10 minutes is better and 15 minutes a day is even BETTER. Make it part of your daily practice and eventually you’ll create a new habit – neural pathway and find yourself just doing it.

Is it time to renew yourself in the Silva Immersion and/or get started?!