Navigate The New Year With Grace And Ease And In FLOW
I received so many requests from people who couldn’t make the live Master class, so I recorded the master class from my phone.  It’s 51 minutes. You’ll notice that I was engaged on my laptop screen with the chat  and some of the participants videos. Please excuse my lack of eye contact with you.
I believe that you’ll find the exercises very helpful to clear and release the old worn out patterns. And create a life vision of hope and optimism for the New Year. Included at the end is a Dynamic Meditation exercise that will put it all together and bring your life vision alive within. 
The exercise was inspired to me by Jon Butcher of LifeBook through the work of Tim Ferris.
The end of the year marks a threshold and invites a pause for reflection. It’s a great time to take stock of the year behind and look ahead at the year to come.
As we approach 2020, I invite you to invest some present moment time to reflect and project.
If you’re a Silva Method Practitioner, I recommend you also do this at level and use Mirror of the Mind.
If you are not a Silva practitioner, I recommend you do this exercise in a quiet place. A meditative state is ideal with some creative visualization.
1. Reflect back on 2019
a. What were the lessons learned?
Seek their value; free of judgment. BE SELF-COMPASSIONATE.
Give yourself permission not to be perfect.
b. What talents and strengths did you develop and put to good use?
c. What gifts did you give and what gifts did you receive?
2. Project to a vision of 2020
a. How will you utilize the lessons learned in 2019?
b.  How will your growth experiences season your choices in this new year?
c. What gifts would you like to give and what gifts would you like to receive?
Go beyond Goal Setting!
3. What does your IDEAL – BEST SELF look like for 2020?
And how does it make you feel?
My guided meditation and mini-course FUTURE SELF is a powerful and fun exercise to help you create a vision of the future with hope and optimism. You’ll also access intuitive insights to know how to allow your best self to emerge. You can get yours here.
Another mini-course and guided meditation is Power Programming. It’s the ideal complement to enhance Mirror of the Mind.
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If you’ve attended a Silva course with me, you’ve heard me say many times – Whatever you give attention to, you give energy to. Whatever you give energy to will grow and multiply.

Think about it. 

I believe that the greatest gift we can can give someone is our attention. Not just on holidays or special occasions BUT on a regular, consistent basis. If you give compassion, love or respect, it’s a blessing to the receiver and it comes back multiplied to you.

Who in your life could use some kind, loving attention?
What will it take to give it?

Do it and experience the joy both ways.