Solving problems and creating solutions requires both creativity and a framework to guide us.

Ken, Silva’s lead instructor and International Training Director will share with you the five steps necessary to solve problems, and create solutions.

The 5 Steps To Create Solutions:

1. Acknowledge the cureent reality
2. Clearly define your desired Outcome
3. Develop a plan – Strategy
5. Celebrate and APPRECIATE any progress toward the outcome

You can take command of your life, increase your income, improve your relationships, and optimize your health. Experience what seems like the universe is conspiring to help you manifest your life’s desires.

New research has taught us that our brain is actually able to change based on experiences. This is called Neuroplasticity and as it turns out even the aging brain can change, learn, and adapt.

Mastering Your Life is an Inner Game. It’s the one key to SUSTAINED success in every area of your life. In short, it’s an Owner’s Manual for Your Mind. If you get this right, your life will never be the same and you will be free from struggle once and for all.

You’ll Make Better Decisions and Recognize Your Opportunities by accessing your creativity and intuition. Making the most of opportunities also means recognizing them for what they are and not making them worse.

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How To Shift From Uncertainty And Struggle To Certainty – Confidence – Vitality & FLOW.


During this 60 minutes live online event, I shared my best practices, cutting-edge research, and evidence-based proven strategies from nearly 50 years of experience …  to help you heal, restore your energy, vitality, and well-being. 


The KEY to creating lasting change in your life is that it’s not just about learning.


It’s about transformative learning.


The difference may seem small.


When you’re able to grasp this single idea, that’s when the magic in your personal growth really happens.

You can acquire the skills to be in “Flow” (where it seems like the universe has got your back) and create an extraordinary life.

Sixty minutes that could make all the difference to manifest what you want in your life.




3 Strategies To Enhance Focus And Mindfulness

I believe that be fully present with a friend, loved one, spouse or client is essential in order to connect more deeply.


A state of mind and body where our full attention is focused laser-like on the person in front of us.


What do you think?


We enjoy each other more and our communication is clearer. We’re also less prone to memory lapses, mistakes or even accidents.

Today I want to share with you THREE STRATEGIES that I use in my own life and teach to my coach clients and in Silva Mastery.


How Do You Stay Motivated In Spite Of IT ALL?!


When faced with a challenging situation, negative/angry person and/or feeling out of integrity, you can ask:

1. Can I change him/her?

2. Can I Fix him/her?

3. Can I help him/her?

4. Can I change me? (the most effective)


I use these questions to help me work through negative emotions and upsets with other people. The use of these questions has made a big difference and I’d like to help you to do the same.


I recommend that you ask these questions and reflect on your answers while in a relaxed meditative state; ie Alpha level.


One of the dynamic meditation tools that I use throughout my personal and professional life to amplify the benefits of the clarity gained with the conflict questions is the Open Your Heart Meditation.


We, as we move through life, experience many challenges, demands, and temporary setbacks… stressors. These demands coupled with an inability to manage them can lead to disharmony, imbalance and overwhelm. It’s as if the Ego is having a tantrum. We, under these conditions, can become self-absorbed, self-centered and needy and thus lose our effectiveness as a human being.


The Opening Your Heart Meditation is recommended as a technique to calm the Ego and transform your energy into a higher expression… to center in love. If we vibrate with love, prosperity, and happiness, we will attract more love, prosperity, and happiness. It is a simple and yet profound truth.


The Opening Your Heart Meditation is a guided dynamic meditation that can raise the energy of your vibration and strengthen the coherence and power of your heart chakra to enhance your manifestation skill. Practicing with this exercise can calm restless feelings and transform your energy into a higher expression… to center in love. And as a side benefit, you will sleep so much better and even improve communication and your manifestation skills.


The Opening Your Heart Meditation is now available as a mini-course.
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Even the most fortunate women and men experience setbacks, mishaps, and failure. Ken, in this video, shares with you some tips to bounce back, learn the lessons and be more resilient.

Overcoming failure and/or the fear of failure is crucial for success. For many highly successful men and women who have accomplished great things in life, failure was merely a stepping-stone to achieving greatness.

Numerous studies in places like the Harvard Business review find that the way people feel at work profoundly influences how they perform. Keeping this in mind, it is safe to say that the way we manage so-called failure will also profoundly influence our level of achievement and the ability to BOUNCE BACK.


OVERWHELM The Cause And How To Manage It And Thrive

Everyone knows what it feels like to be overwhelmed.

It kills your productivity… raises your stress levels… clouds your thoughts… and burns you out, fast.
You sit there, thinking about the massive amount of work you have to do… and nothing seems to get done.

So what’s the best way to deal with overwhelm?

MOST people have never realized the connection between OVERWHELM, SUSTAINING GROWTH, and the ability to HANDLE life’s difficulties, get stuff DONE, connect with others, and productively and powerfully move forward every day.

In this video lesson, you’ll explore the cause and triggers of the feeling of OVERWHELM. You’ll then discover how to manage overwhelm, prevent it and navigate life’s struggles with grace and ease.

The Silva Method continues, even after 53 years of offering the program, to prove to be a highly effective way to deal with life’s struggles and truly Take Control Of Life. If you have yet to experience the live Immersion with Ken, you can check it out here https://silvamethodct.com/.

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Meditation is fast gaining recognition worldwide. According to CBS News on August 27, 2003, “more and more doctors recommend it”. It has been shown to help suppress depression, manage pain, increase longevity, invigorate the immune system, and lower blood pressure.

Dynamic Meditation which does also incorporate Mindfulness is a proven way to bypass the critical mind – inner gatekeeper and move us into the subconscious system of programs.

The whole purpose of meditation is to move our consciousness beyond the analytical – critical mind and into deeper levels of consciousness where we can create lasting beneficial change. This is key to self-improvement and/or your personal development.

The Benefits of a Dynamic Meditation practice include:

You accelerate learning and integrate the knowledge so that it becomes a part of you.

As a result, you Gain access to the operating system of your Mind-Brain so that you can make the desired improvements that last.

Also, You Create a STATE OF BEING that allows you to respond to life in a healthy way. You navigate life’s challenges with grace and ease.

And Your level of SELF-CARE is greatly enhanced. Research suggests 2-4 days of concentrated meditation is better than a vacation.

You gain more power in your Mental Rehearsal – Creative Visualization applications.

If you would like some guided Dynamic Meditations that are fun and take all the guesswork out for you to enhance your personal development, click here.

In addition, according to a post published by Harvard Health at Harvard Medical School; the research found that vacation has beneficial but very temporary effects and that mindfulness therapies have sustained beneficial effects.

The evidence that mindfulness exercises can result in long-lasting positive psychological effects, especially for people new to these experiences, is compelling.

EDITORIAL NOTE: The Silva Method System of Dynamic Meditation is certainly a form of Mindfulness, in my opinion, and experience.

This is a primary reason that I offer the Silva Method Immersion Of Life & Intuition System in 4 consecutive days for new Silva students and reviewers alike. Four days of meditation compounds the beneficial results and helps to establish new positive patterns.

These studies and research findings are also why I offer a 2-day advanced program – Silva Mastery System – for Silva practitioners.

Two additional days of meditation build on the foundation of the core Immersion program. Plus you leave with 7 additional Dynamic Meditation based tools to sustain your continued growth. Attending a 2 – 4 meditation based event is more lasting than a vacation.

If you’re a Silva practitioner and would like to discover more of what you can expect in Mastery, click here.


How Health And Well-Being Affect Intuition

All that we do sits on the foundation of health and well-being.

All that we do rests on the foundation of our Health and Well-Being. Your ability to optimize your well-being affects your mood, relationships, sex drive, productivity, the ability to manage weight and especially your ability to access creativity and intuitive wisdom to solve problems.

In these two short videos I share with you some tips to optimize health and well-being as well as activating intuitive wisdom.

In addition, I want to remind you of some of the basics in the hope that you will be motivated to take action. Yes, discipline is important BUT it starts with making a conscious decision to choose health and well-being.

If you have been following my work, you may recall that between 1984 – 86 I developed a serious chemical imbalance due to neglect. I thought I could eat anything anytime and get minimum sleep.

My body became allergic to over 220 different foods. My body had a yeast imbalance and my body became border line diabetic. I went to several specialists to no avail.

The worse part of all this was that I felt like crap, no energy and had serious mood swings. It was awful and it nearly cost me my relationship with Barbara and the risk of alienating me from my children.

Yes, I did my Silva meditations everyday and attempted to program. It’s just that I couldn’t stay awake and focus. I attended seminars to help and kept zoning out and missed the value.

Finally, it kicked me in the butt and I said that’s it. I CHOOSE health and well-being. Once I made this commitment, I began to attract the people, situations and help I needed. I even had a dream that led me to the assistance that actually worked for me.

(Takeaway: trust the flow of ideas and act on them!)

The following is a partial list of easy to do activities that are part of my daily lifestyle. You know this. So allow this to be a friendly reminder.

The Immune system is our own personal army. It is capable of recognizing not only its sister cells, but also able to distinguish intrusive cells such as germs, bacteria, virus, etc. This defense mechanism attacks the invaders, without us giving any orders.

This is why it is so important to have a good immune system. But the system can be weakened by poor nutrition, stress, or negative attitudes or emotions that we do not control or know how to control. Therefore, the importance of learning to take care of our physical body through good nutrition, a routine of physical movement (exercising, yoga, walking), or by learning how to manage stress using meditation and mental relaxation.  

The Immune System can also be protected, by taking care of ourselves from the inside out. 

When we have an attitude where we know how to manage emotions, how to meditate, we are fortifying our immunology. 

When meditating, the brain produces chemicals that are sent to the rest of the body, and favor health. This is the reason why more and more doctors, hospitals medical clinics, are recommending the use of meditation, as a way not only to recover health, but also, what is more important, to maintain ourselves in good health.

The Silva Method offers personal development programs where, one of the main tools is to learn to take care of ourselves physically and mentally.  It includes practical Dynamic Meditation techniques applicable to different aspects of life that allow us to live with good health, happiness and achieve success.

Health Benefits of Meditation: Since the 1960’s scientific journals have published thousands of papers on the effects of meditation on health and wellbeing. 

These effects include: reduction of anxiety, a reduction in allergic skin reactions, less incidence of angina and cardiac arrhythmias, relief from bronchial asthmas and coughs, reduced problems with constipation, fewer problems with duodenal ulcers, less dizziness and fatigue, lower blood pressure in people suffering from hypertension, alleviation of pain, reduction of insomnia, improved fertility, and help in mild to moderate depression.

What Meditation Shows us about the mind: The practice of meditation does indeed change the physiology and activity of the brain and other parts of the body. It also leads to structural changes in the brain tissue. 

The crucial question is whether meditation enables our minds to connect with a mind or consciousness vastly greater than our own?  

This is what meditators have traditionally believed; and this has been one of the principal motives for meditation.  It can help us to transcend our own mind and our own being. The experience of bliss, nirvana or Samadhi is not just about wellbeing, but also about experiencing more deeply the nature of reality.

This is one of the key benefits of practicing guided meditations that keep you aware and focused to get the inner work done. It’s also why I developed my Dynamic Meditation programs to make it easier for you.

Music And Your Health

Music is a powerful ally of our health. When we listen to music, we are not only activating our emotional area with associated memories, but also activating certain regions of the brain involved with movement, planning, attention, learning and memory.

When we listen to music, the brain is producing Dopamine, a chemical that helps improve mood and reduces anxiety, in addition to making you feel pleasure, joy and motivation.

It is proven that music can help control physical pain. That’s why Jamaican composer and musician Bob Marley said: One good thing about music is that when it touches you, you do not feel pain. But that’s not all; music can help you with your physical and mental well – being:

It enhances sleep quality. When you listen to classical music or music with a low frequency – to a certain point monotonous – it is a sleep inducer. 

Controls blood pressure and can help people suffering from headaches or migraines because it reduces the intensity, frequency and duration of headache.

It leads to meditative states. When you listen to low frequency music, it makes the brain work more slowly creating waves of similar activity. The brain synchronizes with the music you listen to. 

Research shows that this stimulus produces therapeutic effects on health because your body is producing chemicals that are beneficial to health. 

In the Silva Method we use monotonous sounds such as the Alpha Sound (10 cycles per second) that helps the person to enter deep levels of relaxation/meditation more quickly, while staying focused. In the practice of relaxation at home, we recommend the Alpha Sound and soft and slow frequency music like baroque music, which produces the same effect. All this helps in the end, the person feels better, refreshed, renewed and calm.

Helps eliminate symptoms of depression. If at any time you feel low spirits or sad for no apparent reason, music can help you recover. Classical music and meditative sounds help to raise spirits.

Helps the patient before and after surgery. Nowadays hospitals are using soft music played on the harp or another instrument, to prepare their patients. Studies have shown that this helps to make surgeries easier, use less anesthesia, and that the patient has a good and rapid recovery.

Practicing Silva relaxation/meditation, using the Alpha Sound and Silva Techniques before and after surgery, leads to the same result: a faster recovery.

Helps cancer patients manage anxiety. It has been proven that music helps patients to communicate their feelings better, manage stress and make it easier to manage pain and discomfort. It also reduces anxiety and improves the patient’s quality of life.

Helps the recovery of patients who have had a stroke. A study conducted in Finland concluded that patients who have had strokes and have listened to music for two hours a day, improve their verbal memory and attention, in addition to having a better mood, compared with patients who did not listen to music.

Eating Slowly

If you’ve been a long – time student of mine, you may remember this strategy that I’ve been teaching for better than 20 years. And now neuroscience reports that eating slowly and savoring each bite for 20 seconds satiates the reward centers in your brain and it also stimulates a circuit involving the prefrontal lobes, thalamus, and caudate. 

This gives you more conscious control over what you choose to eat!  

And because super-slow savoring of tiny bites of food stimulates the satiation and fullness centers in both your gut and brain, you end up eating less and enjoying it more. 

Dr. Andrew Newberg also found evidence to suggest that slow eating may help regulate glucose metabolism in the brain, so you won’t crave sweets as much. But to get the full benefits, you literally have to hold a morsel of food in your mouth for 20 seconds – that’s how long it takes your brain to register the nutrients you are taking in. 
Studies show that it can reduce anxiety, worry, depression, and irritability- the exact same feelings that cause many people to mindlessly overeat. 

How does the brain respond to a single bout of exercise?

The existing research shows that physical activity (even acute exercise – a single session) may protect against neurodegeneration and other aging-related forms of cognitive impairment.

Firstly, across all of the studies reviewed, acute exercise consistently resulted in three main effects: better executive function (the mental processes that help us to plan, focus, and multitask); better mood; and lower stress levels. 

Additionally, the studies revealed that acute exercise activates several extended brain areas. “One of the most dramatic effects,” the researchers write, “is the change in neurochemical levels.”

This includes neurotransmitters; exercise was shown to increase levels of dopamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine, andserotonin. Dopamine helps the brain to learn and is involved in the rewarding circuits. 

A certain level of physical activity seems to be able to increase serotonin, which relieves anxiety and depression, in both humans and rodents. 

Furthermore, a single exercise session seemed to increase levels “feel good” chemical substances that are naturally produced by the brain when we exercise. These account for the runner’s high effect and exercise-induced states of euphoria.


I’ve been working hard on your behalf and continue to research and study to improve the quality of my Silva classes, workshops and offerings.

Remember as a Silva graduate, you can, and I highly recommend you come back to the Immersion of Life & Intuition System. If you’re new to Silva, there’s no better time than now to get started.

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Using a guided dynamic meditation takes all the guess work out of your practice. It assures you to do, hear and experience the full value of meditation. If you would like some guidance, I highly recommend getting one of my Dynamic Meditations. 

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How To Succeed And CRUSH IT in the New Year

There are 4 skills and/or qualities needed to Navigate Life, reach your goals and CRUSH IT in the New Year.

Science has proven it: every human being is trained and conditioned to earn a set amount of income and enjoy a certain level of fulfillment.

The good news is that brain scan studies prove that you can re-wire and strengthen the key areas in your brain that control your conscious AND subconscious.

What is required is applying the right mind- brain-training methodologies and technologies in the right way… so you replace the limiting beliefs, behaviors, and habits that are currently keeping you stuck.

In addition, learning how to release any of your past negative experiences, or fears is critical for you to get to the next level of your success.

There are four skills that are necessary for you to develop in order to truly Take Command Of Your Life.

It is an inside game and these skills are the four pillars to support your growth and effective navigation through the ever-increasing demands, challenges, and opportunities that are a part of Life today.

First, we need to be able to LEVERAGE OUR ENERGY by effectively managing the distresses.

It’s essential to cultivate hope, optimism and generate energy so that we respond to the challenges rather than react.

You can do this by maintaining your daily dynamic meditation practice and develop triggers (3 Fingers Technique) that allow you to stay calm and focused even under pressure.

You’ll also want to implement short Transition Meditations of releasing tension and focusing on your intention as you move through your day’s activities.

Daily movement such as walking, dancing, Tai Chi or any movement you enjoy is also a natural antidote to distress.

Second, seek clarity by asking questions to understand what you really want and WHY you want it.

It’s important that your actions, behaviors, and goals are in alignment with your values and that you maintain your integrity.

Focus on your Life Vision of your BEST SELF emerging in all you do.

Third, Cultivate a RESOURCE STATE of CONFIDENCE based on evidence of your past successes.

Your task here is to develop the confidence that you can figure things out. You do this by remembering and reliving your past moments of excellence.

Fourth, Access your creativity and learn to trust your intuition. This takes the right kind of training and practice to understand – What’s The Difference That Makes The Difference!

It’s not easy and I know you may be struggling and yet here you are making the time to help yourself. I want to honor you and your persistent efforts. I would like to help you.

The Silva Method is a proven system to help you take command of your life.

My best advice is to take the live Silva Method Immersion Of Silva Life & Silva Intuition System. And if you have already, come back for a refresher and upgrade your development.

Practice and repetition are necessary and KEY.